Corporate Social Responsibility

Founded in 1998, Shengbangfan, as a responsible enterprise who always concentrates on Corporate Soical Responsibility (CSR), we have achieved great success in several aspects of CSR. As a professional silicone oil liquid manfufacturer & supplier, we not only pay attention to our employee's working condition and health, but also focus a lot on environmental protections.

Ⅰ. Cares on Employees

Shengbangfan has its own factory and imports & exports department office. For all of its staff, it provides the safe and plesant working environment and all the working-related aspects are following the most recent labor law and other corresponding rules & regulations. For factory workers who need to directly stay in workshops, we have corresponding guiding steps to help workers to work properly.

Different workshops have similar but different guideline boards to inform workers to strictly obey the rules of "manafacture safe". 

Factory also cleans the workshops periodically to make sure the coronavirus will not infect workshops.

Ⅱ. Environmentally Portection

Shengbangfan's main products are silicone products like hexamethyldisiloxane and dimethylcyclosiloxane. These products are chemically stable and recyclable.

Our factory also uses raw materials that will not produce pollutions. All the steps of our factory follow the corresponding environmentally poretection laws and the wastes occured during manufacturing processes will follow the techincal ways to process to avoid any potential pollutions.