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107 Silicone Rubber

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We Hubei Shengbangfan, as a liquid silicone rubber manufacturer & silicone rubber factory, provides high-quality PDMS dimethyl silicone oil which could be used for silicone tubing, silicone rings and other silicone products with affordable silicone rubber price. We also provide customisation on silicone liquids according to customers' real needs.



Introduction to 107 Silicone Rubber

Chemical name : OH Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane / Liquid Silicone Rubbers

CAS No. : 70131-67-8

HS Code:  3910000000

EINECS : 615-070-3

Molecular Formula: HO-Si(CH3)2O[Si(CH3)2O]nSi(CH3)2-OH

Appearance: colorless transparent viscous liquid

RTV/RTV-2 Silicone Rubber is also available.

Silicone rubber is also called OH Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane which comes from its chemical structure and some chemical characteristics. This is similar with silicone oils, which are also named as dimethicone oil or polydimethylsiloxane liquid. Silicone rubber is one of the largest productions among all of silicone products. It is also one of the widest applied silicone liquid products. After vulcanization, silicone rubbers will have excellent chemical and physical features like heating resistance, cold resistance, isolation and stability. These good characteristics allow silicone rubbers to be used widely in national defense, medical care and industrial & agricultural productions. Customisation and Free Sample of silicone rubber is available.

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Technical Parameters




Colorless transparent viscous liquid

Viscosity (25°C)

750~80,000 (based on customer request)

Hydroxyl content %

0.5~3(based on the viscosity)

Volatile matter (%)


Hardness (shore A)


 Our liquid silicone rubber is tested by SGS and transportation is approved by CNAS:


Performance and Application

At room temperature, it can react with crosslinking agents in the presence of catalysts, to form a reaction product, which has many excellent properties such as keeping good elasticity from -50℃ to 250℃, excellent electrical property chemical stability and good resistance to water, odor, weather. Therefore, it can be widely used in many industries, such as electronics, semiconductors, autos, mechanicals, fabric, plastic, printing, construction, etc.


Application Industry

Here lists some applications of liquid silicone rubber, if you want to know more about applications of silicone liquid, you could find more applications in here.

1. Auto industry: vehicle light sealant, automobile filling and sealing adhesive

2. Construction industry: silicone glass sealants

3. Household appliances: electronic filling and sealing adhesive

4. Photovoltaic: photovoltaic adhesive

5. Textile: leather lubricant

6. LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding: imitation bronze ware mould and artificial leather mould


Packaging and Storage

Packed in plastic / iron drums, net weight 200kg/drum, or International Bulk Container, net weight 1000kg/IBC. Storage at ventilate and dry place and prevention from water, heat and fire. Keep away from alkalis and acids substances and lead. It is non-hazardous substance. Be careful when loading and unloading to avoid damages of the package. During transporting, protect against damp,water, acid and alkali.

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