FAQs on Products

FAQS on Products

Q: What are silicone oils? 

A: Silicone oils refer to the liquid organic polysiloxane products in the room temperature.

Q: What are your silicone products? What are the pros of your products?

A: Generally, our products are silicone-based liquid which could be used in many different industries such as automative, fabric, cosmetic, constructions and many other industries. Our silicone products are recyclable and enviromentally-friendly, for example,  our silicone oils and silicone rubbers which could be customized by customers' requests. The prices of our products are also affordable due to we are the manufacturer/factory.

To know more about our products, you could find info of silicone products.

Q: What industries your silicone oils/liquids products could be applied/used? I am not very sure on how to use them for my company/industry?

A: It is since silicone oil/liquid is the general calling name of many different variants, the details of different subcategories may be way different. What we could say in general is that silicone oils are widely used in automative, aerospace, food & beverage, cosmetics, textiles, anti-foams, mechanical manufacutring and many other industries. If you have doubts on the ways of applications of silicone oils/silicone liquids, you could refer to our market webpage or find us at contact us for a further inquiry and we will provide a corresponding solution for your products/industry.

You could also download the silicone oil chemical's brochure in each detailed product webpage. Or you could download the whole brochure below: 

FAQs on Products(图1)Hubei Shengbangfan Product Brochure.zip

Q: What appearances or shapes your prpducts are like? 

A: Almost of out products are liquids. Most of them are colorless and none of them are poisoned. It is since the products are liquids so the shapes are shaped by the shapes of containers.


A Picture of Our Silicone Liquid

Q: What is your quality of your silicone liquids? Are they certified or qualified? 

A: Yes, it is since we have been dedicated to silicone liquids over 20 years, we have manufactured and are manufacturing functional, stable, effective and high-quality silicone liquids. Some are published at here. For asking for more certificates, please contact us for further info.

Q: Price of your silicone liquids, please?

A: It is since there are many factors will influence the price of silicone liquids. Please contact us with your requirements of silicone liquids and we will send the detailed price list/quotation table for you.

Q: Is sample availiable? How long will I get it?

A: Yes, the sample is free but the transportation fee will be paid by the customer. The sample will usually be delivered in 3-7 days (according to the destination).