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Silicone Oil Liquid in Paints, Inks and Coatings

Release Time: 2022-07-22 11:48:09

Silicone Oil Liquid in Paints, Inks and Coatings

Silicone resins, intermediates and additives enable the formulation of high performance industrial and architectural coatings.

Silicone oils as the ingredients of modern coating play a vital role during the production, application and service life of coatings whether in the industrial, architectural or inks markets. Enabling new levels of performance to help coatings formulators achieve their regulatory, innovation and cost savings targets.

Application 1: Silicone Utility Across a Broad Range of Coatings and Inks Applications

Silicone oil fluids play an important role in the formulation of many types of paints and inks. Spanning from architectural wall and trim paints all the way to heavy duty industrial coatings, silicone chemistry helps the resin and paint formulator overcome the major challenges from regulators, coatings applicators and end users of modern coatings. Adding value through differentiated film performance and cost effecting processing.

1.Architectural Coatings.

Silicone oils could be used as exterior wall / fade paint, interior wall paint, wood coatings.


PDMS and other silicone oil materials could be gravure and flexographic inks, overprint varnishes industrial coatings.

3.Resin Manufacturing.

Silicone oils are also applied in solventborne resin manufacturing and waterborne emulsion synthesis.

4.More Applications.

Silicone liquids could be used for automotive and refinish paints, can coatings, coil coatings, cookware,high temperature coatings, industrial wood coatings, marine coatings,plastic coatings, powder coatings, protective coatings.

Application 2: Silicone Resins, Intermediates and Additives for Formulating Modern Coatings

Silicone resins, intermediates and additives are used across a broad range of paints and inks. Improving the UV resistance/exterior durability of both architectural and industrial coatings is a typical job of a silicone resin or intermediate. The heat resistance of silicone resins is a well-known attribute used in the industrial sector.

The surface active nature of silicone additives leads to their use in many types of industrial and architectural coatings to deliver improved foam control, slip/mar/scratch resistance, leveling and flow, haptics and substrate wetting whether in solventborne, waterborne or UV systems. The water repellency and breathability of silicone leads to their extensive use in faade paints.


When pdms chemicals & silicone rubber products are used as addtives, they could be used in silicon-based paint, coating and ink additives offer foam control, enhanced leveling, mar and moisture resistance and reduce pigment separation.

2.Resins and Binders.

Silicone resins are also important applications like diverse line of silicone resin, binder and reactive intermediates provide heat and weathering resistance, UV stability, and VOC compliance for coatings.

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