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Silicone Resin

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Shengbangfan is one of the leading silicone resin suppliers who provides different forms of silicone oils according to customers' requests. Customisation of silicone fluids is available and some details and specifications of some common types of silicone resin are listed below in detail.



Introduction to Silicone Resin

Silicone resins are high-crossing thermoset polymers that contain bifunctionality, trifunctionality and even treta-functionality. Silicone resins are the earliest ones of organic silicone materials.  We provide Customisation and Free Sample of dimethyl silicone oil.

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Chemical nameSilicone Resin/Methyl Polysiloxane Resin

HS Code: 3910000000

AppearanceColorless or lightly yellow oily liquid

Technical parameters





Colorless or lightly   yellow oily liquid, non-mechanical impurities of the liquid



Solid Content (150℃,2h),%


Gel Time(200℃,min)



Performance and application

It is colorless or lightly yellow oily liquid. It has excellent heating resistance, electrical isolation, humid resistance, water resistance and many other excellent properties. It is crispy and hard, and it has high solidification with fewer volatile matters.


Application Industry

1 New Energy VehicleAdhesive to New Energy Vehicle Battery Insulation Film.

2.Construction MaterialAs polishing agent for marbles and bricks.



Packaging and storage

Packed in 50kg plastic /200kg iron drums, or other required packages. Storage at ventilate and dry place and prevention from water, heat and fire under 35. Keep away from alkalis and acids substances and lead. It is non-hazardous substance. Be careful when loading and unloading to avoid damages of the package. During transporting, protect against damp, water, acid and alkali. The expiry period is 6 months (if the analysis result shows it fits the specification it could be used as well even though it is expired).

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